Thanks to their light weight and properties, food grade F10PTFE and F10HPP - High Performance Polymers – materials can replace metals in a variety of applications in machinery for food production. Indeed, replacing metals with polymers in food contact products enables manufacturers to increase performance with higher speed and safety in the manufacturing process, they guarantee greater heat and chemical resistance and improved durability in response to severe conditions such as temperature, steam and pressure.

Fluorten's food contact materials are in compliance with the strict requirements of the food industry. In the field of components for food machinery and equipment, Fluorten has been awarded, for specific materials in F10PTFE and F10HPP - High Performance Polymers – with a certification in compliance with the GMP regulation issued on 24 February 2017 by the authority DNV-GL. The certification complies with the applicable requirements for: “EQUIPMENT WITH FOOD CONTACT SURFACES GMP” PROTOCOL - Food Contact Qualified Supplier - Certificate of Conformity N° 215134-2017-FSMS-ITA-DNV.

For the Chinese Food market we offer, for some materials, declarations according to China GB standards: GB GB 4806.7-2016 as well as GB 4806.6-2016. While for the US market we are in compliance with FDA, Food and Drug Administration.