Fluor/SC calibrated tape, suitably treated to be bonded to metal, in F10PTFE with bronze and metal oxide additives with laminar structure, has long been used to obtain tape for self-lubricating guide rails.

Fluor/SC etched tape is widely used in machine tools as sliding bearings thanks to the following benefits:

  • Easily bonded with suitable adhesives, after surface preparation;
  • Optimal coefficient of friction and consequent smooth movement and precise and repeatable positioning;
  • Minimal wear, with or without lubrication, even with varying specific loads;
  • Self-lubricating, no maintenance required;
  • High specific load capacity, both static and kinetic;
  • Linear distribution of loads even between shapes that are not perfectly complementary;
  • Option of preloading the couplings to cancel the clearances;
  • Resistance to vibratory stress and sensitive damping capacity;
  • Protects the guide rails in the presence of abrasive contaminants that are gathered by the tape;
  • Compatibility with all lubricants and coolants used in machine tools.