We use innovative, latest generation 3D printers, produced by our partner Roboze, in order to produce technical components both with base polymers and with high performance polymers, making Fluorten a market leader in this area.

We can produce prototypes and small series in record time, with no need for moulds, and with reduced costs compared to traditional injection moulding. The precision of the pieces is guaranteed by the Beltless System patented by Roboze whose fluidity of the movement enables us to produce pieces of highest precision (0.025 mm).

With its own modern CNC machining department, Fluorten can complete and finish parts to achieve shapes and tolerances that 3D printing does not allow.

Technopolymers with high thermal and mechanical resistance that can replace metal alloys in extreme applications (for example, CARBON PEEK, CARBON PA, PEEK, ULTEM™ AM9085F, PP).