Thanks to specific formulations of F10PTFE, developed and tested in-house, Fluorten produces piston linings, piston rings, sliding pads, cup seals and gaskets for use in dry (oil free) compressors.

In addition to the high mechanical resistance properties and wear in the absence of lubrication, with performances superior to the standards used up to now, the F10PTFE materials are chemically inert towards almost all gases and fluids for technical use, except alkali metals in the molten state, fluorine and hydrofluoric acid in the gaseous state and some fluorohydrocarbons, in conjunction with high pressures and temperatures, with the possibility of reaching operating temperatures up to +260 ° C depending on pressures and speed.

In the case of heavy-duty applications that require greater resistance to wear and to high temperatures, bands and pads are made in DuPont™Vespel®.